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San Diego's Original Business Talk Station

AM 1000 KCEO is the nation's premier financial talk format radio station. And it stands to reason: Studies conducted by The Lund Consultants reveal that San Diego's interest in the business and financial radio format is double the national average. KCEO's listeners range in age from about 34 to 65. Its audience is also well-educated: KCEO maintains a substantial percentage of college-educated listeners, and a large portion of our audience holds a Master's Degree. KCEO listeners are often the top decision-makers in their companies, and with an average annual household income of $75,000 and above, KCEO's listeners enjoy a higher disposable income than listeners of any other radio format.

KCEO's broadcast range extends from Orange County to San Ysidro and east to Ramona, as shown below:

KCEO's broadcast range Illustration courtesy of Inside Business and RosArt Multimedia, Inc.

The KCEO Advantage:

  • San Diego's original business and financial talk station
  • An exclusive, established, and mature audience aged 34 to 65
  • Well-educated audience, many with Bachelor's and Master's Degrees
  • Average annual household income $75,000 and above
  • Very low cost per lead; an efficient buy
  • Longevity of station, its programs, and credibility
  • The most effective form of advertising!

With AM 1000 KCEO, your business not only reaches your target consumers. You will be connected to a network of partners, advertisers, and radio hosts, all presenting unique opportunities to promote your products and services.

KCEO Success Stories

"Radio is so much more than a selling tool. It is a platform I use to communicate with clients and prospects. It keeps me on top of the game as an authority to get my views across. I've been doing this for more than 13 years and I can honestly say radio is the main reason for my success."

Mike Green, Managing Partner, Benham and Green Capital Management; Host of "Politics of Money"

"After more than 15 years on the radio talking about Wall Street with KCEO listeners, I attribute a majority of my business to my presence on AM 1000."

Bill Gunderson, Professional Money Manager, President of Gunderson Capital Manage- ment, Inc.; Host of "Positively Wall Street"

"This is the most fun and enjoyable way to reach new clients. Traditional advertising in the newspaper, television and Internet has its place, but with radio, listeners really get the chance to know who I am and the way I do business."

Steve Becker, Mortgage Broker, The Lord of Lending; Host of "Becker & Kaye"

"Before we started our show on KCEO we received an average of 10-20 visitors to our website each week. After being on air for several months, we have seen an incredible improvement, with as many as 3,200-plus visitors a week."

Chris and Elaine Swann, Professional Etiquette Instructors; Producer and Host of "The Elaine! Show"

"We recently purchased a schedule of commercials on KCEO-AM and KFSD-AM in behalf of my client. In addition we also purchased time on KLSD-AM and AM 1090 and AM 1700. We used 60/30 seconds on all stations to promote our Financial Conference. A key survey question was 'Where did you hear about the conference?' In the case of this event, the call letters of KCEO-AM and KFSD-AM far surpassed all the other stations that were purchased. This is not news to us, as we have used both stations in the past, with similar results."

Ron Bain, President and CEO, Bain Events

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