LOST IN SPACE: A New Year's Eve Contradance
Artwork by Duke Duel Designs
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San Diego Folk Heritage invites you to join us for what promises to be the most unusually-themed contradance event you may ever attend—outer space! For our New Year's Eve Dance 2007-2008 we've endeavored to capture the kitschy look, the campy feel, of 1950s sci-fi movies, replete with crude spaceships and flying saucers, and naïve-looking robots! We're also gearing up for special effects during our intermission feature! Don't be concerned that we may be going "over the top" with this dance theme...we plan on it! And you can help! Bring your inner child back to outer space, and come wearing your finest astronautical garb...or bring appropriate decorations, such as toy spaceships, robots, stuffed aliens, and what-have-you!

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Originally from the Baltimore/Washington area, Peg Hesley now hails from Phoenix, Arizona, and has enjoyed calling for nine years. She currently teaches workshops and calls contras and squares throughout the Southwest. Peg is the founder of the Callers' Collective in Phoenix and co-sponsors a free Dance Potpourri every fourth Sunday. Known for her elegant programming as well as her clear and eloquent teaching style, Peg is a favorite among experienced and new dancers alike.

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Based in Tucson, Arizona, and steeped in the musical traditions of the rural southern Appalachian mountains, The Privy Tippers consist of Jacquie Wohl on fiddle, Dave Firestine on mandolin, Craig Tinney on guitar, and Jerry Ray Weinert on bass. They have delighted audiences and dancers around the Southwest since 1995. The Privy Tippers play tunes from Appalachia, Quebec, New England, and from modern twisted minds—then they beat them up. These tunes have learned to appreciate tough love.

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Monday, December 31, 2007    7:30pm-1:00am Free Dance Instruction 7:30-8:00pm TRINITY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 3030 Thorn St.  •  San Diego, CA 92104     $15 advance reservation  •  $20 at door  •  Contact Vamsi Potluru for advance tickets   SDFH Home Page      SDFH Contradance Page
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