Drawing of George by Sam Patrick (November 10, 1952; actual size approx. 7.9 x 10.0 in. (20.1 x 25.4 cm.)). This image was scanned from a photo print of the drawing, not the original drawing. I can tell you more about the creator of this remarkable drawing than I can the circumstances of its creation. According to AskART online, Samuel James Patrick was "Born in Pennsylvania on July 17, 1901." (Exactly 49 years to the day before I was born.) "Patrick began his art studies in Philadel- phia at night while working in the steel mills. By 1925 he had moved to Los Angeles and enrolled at the Otis Art Institute. He was then a staff artist at the Los Angeles Times for over 40 years. His book illustrations won many awards. Patrick died in Los Angeles on May 31, 1987." Lightly retouched to remove black specks on background.

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