Family portrait in our living room, North Hollywood (circa 1956-57; actual size approx. 9.4 x 7.7 in. (23.8 x 19.4 cm.)). The man seated just to my father's left is probably one of my great uncles from my mother's side, but I cannot remember which one. Also in back row: my grandmother, Helen Martin ("Baba"), my mother, and my mother's half-sister Lila Martin (whom we call "Auntie Dolly"). Note the wax-pencil marking on upper-right corner, which has not been "Photoshopped" out. The drawing of a clown was a gift to my dad from the widely renowned circus performer, Emmett Kelly. Photo moderately retouched and desaturated to remove various small emulsion stains, and minor delamination on George's pant leg.

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