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What Did I Hear on KFSD?

If you're a long-time listener to classical radio, you've been there many times before, we're sure. You hear a piece of music on Classical KFSD AM 1450 that captures your imagination...but you just missed that back-announcement! Maybe you had to jump out of the car because you were late for a meeting...or you receive a long-distance phone call at home...or maybe you heard the announcement, but didn't jot it down, or you just can't remember the name of the work, the composer, or the performers.

What did I hear on KFSD?

Not to worry! If you heard the composition on The Classical Station's regular programming, you can always call them toll-free at 1-888-592-5277 (that's 1-888-59-CLASSIC). And now, you can do your research on the Internet, by simply clicking here.

If you heard the selection on KFSD Listener Request Friday, you can jump to the Requests page of this Web site, and use the scrollable menu to select the date of the program you want to inquire about. If your own research doesn't provide the answer, please call us at 760-729-1000, Ext. 180. Or send us an e-mail, and we'll do our best to track down your selection.

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